Vienna’s New Guidelines to Make Business Event Planning Easier

The added hassle of travel restrictions and uncertainties have made meeting planning very difficult to say the least. To top it all off, the last thing you need to worry about is managing the destination’s requirements for large or small meetings. With you in mind, Vienna has prepared a guideline with the cooperation of the Medical University Vienna Center for Public Health.

In short, “these guidelines also contain measures that go beyond the statutory requirements in order to provide the best possible conditions from an epidemiological point of view for the safe hosting of the desired types of event. The guidelines cover all the key medical and organizational parameters that need to be considered when drawing up a tailored prevention plan for a specific event to welcome you and your delegates.” (excerpt from Recommendations on Preventing Transmission of Covid-19 at Business Events)

Vienna recommends having the following in place:

  • A risk analysis for the event: That is, level of contact in the event, distancing/hygiene regulations, and processes in place for at-risk groups
  • Creating a Covid-19 prevention plan: It is recommended that the program and event set-up should be attached as an appendix to the prevention plan.
  • Appointment of an expert safety officer and/or a Covid-19 officer
  • Monitoring and/or documenting the implementation of all relevant measures for Covid-19 prevention.

Further, hygiene, catering, and sustainability are mentioned in the extensive document designed to assist meetings of any size. The guideline will ease your concerns as you navigate a very unpredictable climate. Please do not hesitate to let us or my colleagues at Vienna Convention Bureau assist you every step of the way. To read the guideline, please click here.