Value in Collaboration

There is great value in collaborating with your peers.

As we have all been diligent with our regular everyday interactions, technology has allowed us to continue to build personal and business relationships from the comfort of our own homes.

Dubai Business Events (DBE) along with the Dubai Association Center (DAC) has been doing just that, by bringing industry leaders together.

DBE hosted virtual events providing pointed information for the association, corporate & incentive markets. Recently, three panelists participated in a fireside chat during the Association Thought Leadership live events.

During the open and candid conversations, the panelists shared their most recent valuable experiences.

  • Elissa Myers, Executive Director / Academy for Eating Disorder (AED), was a speaker at the DAC Conference this past December. Elissa’s partnership with DBE and the DAC tremendously helped her to establish her organizations’ Middle East chapter. Elissa was recently tasked with postponing and moving her 1,200-delegate annual conference from Australia to the US and then transforming the meeting one last time to a virtual event. She expressed the true value in becoming a community with your collaborators rather than a business partner.

“We are a community, a community enabling everyone to come together and respond to each other.” – Elissa Myers



  • Patricia Blake, Chief Executive Officer / Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), expressed how important it is to speak and connect with the Convention Bureaus first when planning an international conference. This year Patricia worked closely with the San Diego CVB as her 12,000-delegate annual conference was set to take place May 6th, 2020.

“The CVB will know best when it comes to transportation, hotels, activities, etc.” – Patricia Blake


“Moving forward, localized and regional meetings will take place first before any annual, larger meeting are back into full affect.” – Magdalena Mook

To catch the full recording of the events, please click here:

DBE looks forward to continuing to grow relationships and supporting their industry peers in the best way possible.

In the meantime we invite you to, experience Dubai from your living room!

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