Art Basel: Where Art Meets Innovation

Usually when December rolls around, the last thing on your radar is Art Basel Miami as you’re more than likely preparing for the Holidays. But for some, the Art Basel attracts a global audience interested in the arts. The recent conclusion of Art Basel Miami held during the first week of December is still generating media buzz. In the same vein, every June, the founding city, Basel, Switzerland, hosts its namesake event featuring notable artists from around the globe.

Where and how did Art Basel begin? The premier contemporary art platform originated in Basel, Switzerland hence the name. Basel is a city located in northwest Switzerland on the Rhine River, bordered by France and Germany. Art Basel first premiered in June 1970 at Messe Basel, under the direction of Hermann Hauswirth. He welcomed the idea and so, in liaison with the creators and organizing committee featuring Trudl Bruckner, Balz Hilt and Ernst Beyeler, Art Basel was born. The production eventually expanded to Miami Beach, with the first show launching December 2002 and then later launching the first show in Hong Kong in May 2013.

Art Basel is a large canvas showcasing a unique experience of art shows and fairs as well as meetings and events held throughout the city. At Art Basel, a guest can buy and sell artwork from established and emerging artists. Along with the exhibition stands of established art galleries, the show consists of technological experiences and workshops that showcase the latest developments in the visual arts.

During the 2018 Art Basel in Switzerland, the event showcased 290 of the world’s leading galleries, representing the works of over 4,000 artists. The city of Basel prepares for 4 days of imagination, creativity, and highlighting artistic talents from around the world. If you’re interested in taking part in next year’s event, the city of Basel, Switzerland welcomes you!

Why not plan an event around Art Basel, check out the 2019 show dates:

Art Basel-Miami Beach March 29-31, 2019

Art Basel- Basel June 13-16, 2019

Art Basel-Hong Kong December 5-8, 2019

Photo description: Artwork by Josep Grau-Garriga’s Hores de llum i de foscor during Art Basel’s preview day
June 12, 2018.
Photographer: Sebastian Bozon/AFP