Vienna Convention Bureau’s New Structure

Ranked as number 1 in Mercer quality of living and placing 2nd place in ICCA’s International Meetings in 2018, Vienna’s continuous commitment to quality and service are some of the highlights that the destination has received in recent years.

The Vienna Convention Bureau’s management intends to keep Vienna’s leadership position and has recognized the recent market changes. The management has launched a new strategy emphasizing the visitor experience.

As part of the new stategy, VCB has implemented a new structure by establishing two teams focusing on the association and corporate markets. The Association team is led by Ms. Ulrike von Arnold overseeing international association programs in Vienna while Ms. May Sollinger-Soucek will take charge of the international corporate business.

As the North American office for Vienna Convention Bureau, we are excited and looking forward to bringing new business opportunities to Vienna. To learn more about Vienna’s new strategy, click here.

Photo credit: Martina Siebenhandl