Vienna, Another Synonym for Quality!

We could not be more proud to market Vienna, one of the world’s leading destination. Mercer has, again, ranked Vienna as the “world’s highest quality of living” for the 10th year in a row!

Out of 450 worldwide cities which were surveyed, Vienna came out on top.

Cities were analyzed on 39 factors organized into 10 categories:

  • Political and social environment
  • Economic environment
  • Socio-cultural environment
  • Medical and health considerations
  • Schools and education
  • Public services and transportation
  • Recreation
  • Consumer goods
  • Housing
  • Natural environment


With a safety index of 85 (UL Safety Index), Vienna is at the top of safe cities, globally. When I travelled to Vienna, I went alone, and never felt unsafe. Furthermore, when companies look at prospective cities to grow their business in, please rest assure, safety is definitely a deciding factor.

Vienna, is always good news for meeting organizers! If all the above wasn’t enough, the clean crisp air will validate otherwise. – Siemens

Lastly, with a name like Vienna, Austria, how could it not be the best? To read more about Mercer’s recent survey, click here.