Unrating Vienna

By going against the trend of using social media and travel review sites, Vienna has launched a counter culture advertising campaign to experience the destination from a unique perspective.

In a recent announcement, entitled “Unrating Vienna,” the tourist board is asking visitors to stop reading online reviews. Helena Hartlauer, a spokesperson for the Vienna Tourist Board shared with the Washington Post that “if travelers focus a little bit more on deliberately experiencing their trip…Not being too stressed by taking too many pictures or visiting the top five or 10 sites, then it’s good for both the visitors and the destination.” (Source: Travel + Leisure)

As is the accepted norm, visitors are eager to share special moments on social media while travel bloggers/influencers are keen on adding their valued input on must-see locations. This could be viewed as a double-edged sword as it takes away the excitement for first time visitors and at the same time, provides ratings that may or may not be beneficial to the destination.

By disrupting the trends, Vienna is ushering an unexpected approach in marketing a destination. To learn more about Vienna’s new campaign, visit the official website.


Photo credit: Vienna Tourism Board