Top Four Criteria for Destination Selection

Over the past 4 months, we have met many planners of international events and chatted with them. During our conversations, we asked them to share their criteria when selecting a destination for future meetings/events.

Although our survey is not scientific, here are the results we were able to gather. By the way, recent published surveys confirm our findings!

  1. Accessibility

Meeting planners prefer venues and hotels with seamless accessibility and proximity to and from the international airport.  Don’t forget to point out how easy it is to get to your destination.

  1. Competitive rates

An open market leads to competitive options. Meeting planners are constantly in search of reasonable rates. Keep these rates competitive or simply add value.

  1. All under one roof

North American planners are used to having meetings in large hotels with conference facilities. Las Vegas resorts tend to exemplify what planners want. Indeed these venues offer everything under one roof, but have you walked from your room to the convention center at The Venetian, 20 minutes at least!…. Remind the planners that your hotels and centers are walking distance, or simply easily accessible by public transportation. And if you can provide free public transportation, just say it!

  1. Unique venues

Meetings are all about “Engagement”.  Meeting planners must create a unique experience and include that local flair.  Showcase your unique venues from castles, palaces, restaurants, parks, and even movie houses for that different experience.

Additionally, several planners pointed out that 3D virtual tour of the conference centers, hotels, and non-traditional venues is very helpful. Keep this in mind when planning your next marketing budget.

These are the highlights of our unscientific survey. For further confirmation of our findings, check out the Resource and Market Pulse sections of our website.

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