Tech Trends In Meetings 2020

I find it fascinating to research and hear about new technologies. These seemingly innovations change our world and make work more feasible and stress-free for many of us, including professional meeting planners.

Aventri, an industry platform dedicated to “providing a truly end-to-end event solution”, shared nine meeting & event technology trends to watch out for in 2020. Themes seen across these trends include sustainability, efficiency, security, and personalization.

My two favorite trends are as follows:

Facial recognition technology (like the feature on the iPhone) is a biometric software that can identify a person through their facial features. It can categorize attendees based on their age, gender, etc. The technology can be utilized for more efficient and strategic event registration, identification, security, amongst other things.

A major trend, even outside the meetings and events industry, and necessity nowadays is finding ways to be more sustainable. Event badging and digital ticketing via mobile wallets has proven to be a resource-saver. It is also a way to capture data more accurately.

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Photo source: Aventri