Switzerland Takes Home The Trophy!

The appeal of familiarization or study trips to international meeting planners is a major incentive in learning about a destination for future meetings. On face value, the benefits these educative trips provides are too numerous to count. Typically, most destinations overwhelm the planner with a hectic schedule of hotels and offsite venue visits. With this and more in mind, Switzerland Tourism embarked on a refreshing strategy to keep the meeting planners engaged, encouraged a competitive spirit, and creating a memorable experience!

Meet the Switzerland Meeting Trophy. Its mission is simple; “The Switzerland Meeting Trophy allows participants to get to know Switzerland in a fun way while offering partners (destinations and service providers) who work with Switzerland Tourism an opportunity to establish new contacts.” (Source: Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau)

Selected meeting planners who are then divided up into teams to represent their respective regions are invited to experience Switzerland. 11 North American meeting planners embarked on a 3-day adventure from the picturesque city of Basel to St. Moritz, taking in the scenic route through the Alps. The beauty of Switzerland was in full display, as expertly written by one of the study trip attendees via Northstar Meetings Group.

Best part was reading the good news that 14 years later, the North American meeting professionals took home the trophy! But we don’t want to give away too much of their secrets to winning! Simply click here to read more!

A new itinerary is being prepared for the 2019 edition of this engaging program.

Photo Source: Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau