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Sales & Lead Generation

MCIntl is foremost a sales organization. Our primary objective is to help our clients bring events to their destinations or venues. The bottom line is “booked business.” We believe strongly that even in the age of texting and Twitter, face-to-face communication is still the best means of fostering long-term relationships and we’ve built our successful sales program around this philosophy. Our sales services include:
Lead generation

MCIntl works to identify potential business opportunities and leads from the North American market for all of our clients. All leads are forwarded in regular Lead Reports, which provide detailed information on the decision makers, meeting history, status of the lead, and follow up recommendations. Our transparency helps clients to build their database, manage RFPs, and ultimately win business.

Sales missions

Launched three months in advance, sales missions allow the sales managers of destinations and venues to meet with qualified planners that have expressed interest in the destination. An average of 14 meetings are planned over one week with planners located in various regions of North America.


MCIntl uses industry events such as IMEX America and IBTM World as an opportunity to introduce clients to top meeting planners. We’ve organized successful gatherings, presentations, and other intimate events to help build relationships between clients and key decision makers in the industry.

Sales calls

MCIntl plans regular sales visits to key planners and organizes sales calls at the requests of destinations and venues. The sales calls are planned over a short period of 1 to 2 days. The potential planners to visit are suggested by the sales manager of the destination or venue.

Trade Shows, workshops, and seminars

MCIntl can provide full support to clients when needed for trade shows, workshops, and seminars. Business development managers are fully trained to attend on behalf of clients and represent the destination or venue at the event. A comprehensive report will be provided at the conclusion of the event.

Delegate boosting

For confirmed future events, MCIntl can attend current conferences to promote the upcoming destination and maximize the delegates coming from North America. We can assist in distributing destination info, providing detailed information to attendees, and planning promotional events.


MCIntl provides monthly comprehensive reporting on all sales and marketing activities so that clients can effectively track KPIs and ROI. Special events reports on sales missions, sales calls, and other special activities are provided immediately upon the completion of the event.

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