One Week, Three Cities: South Korea Study Mission!

Last week, I had the pleasant experience of being a part of the Study Mission Trip hosted by Korea Tourism Organization. It was without any doubt, a memorable experience for all who took part!

During the trip, we explored three cities in Korea – Seoul, Busan, and Gyeongju. All magnificent places, but they were all certainly very different from one another. It was especially interesting to see how much potential each of these cities offered for the Meetings & Events industry.

For instance, Seoul was busy and bustling with a variety of different venues to choose from. COEX was especially impressive as it has a convention hall that can fit up to 7,000 people and four exhibition halls. Additionally, it has an underground mall and is situated next to the Bongeun temple.

Next in the itinerary was Busan, also a large city but not to the extent of Seoul. It’s charm is that it is located near the ocean and has a much more laid-back vibe to it. Again, the city had various impressive venues to choose from. Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre (BEXCO) especially stood out to me, as it offers 46,500 meters of exhibition space, 53 meetings rooms and an auditorium which can seat over 4,000 people!

Lastly, we went to Gyeongju which was my personal favorite! This city felt more authentically Korean as it had several temples, UNESCO World Heritage sites and nature. In fact, it’s often called the “museum without walls” because there is so much to see! Gyeongju is home to the Gyeongju Hwabaek International Convention Center (HICO), a venue that is very much able to accommodate large programs. They have a convention hall, 12 meeting rooms, and 21 hotels nearby! Not to mention this city has an amusement park and a ton of other activities suitable for all ages!

In conclusion, my week in Korea was extremely busy and educational! I feel very fortunate to have gotten to be a part of this Study Mission Trip and I urge anyone who has not yet been to Korea to take the trip if they get the chance! It is an excellent choice for international programs, and also a mesmerizing place to explore for leisure too!