Meetings & Events Gets A Digital Facelift!

With IMEX just around the corner, I couldn’t help but take a great interest in this article I had stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago.  In fact, I figured most people in the meetings industry would appreciate the thought of shorter waiting times! Who doesn’t love that idea? The meetings industry is rapidly evolving, increasing opportunities to virtually experience corporate meetings and events.

For instance, badged swipes and electric agendas are being used in lieu of paper tickets and itineraries, while implementation of live steam and mobile engagement are already underway, as colleagues who aren’t in attendance can tune in to conferences from the comfort of their homes and offices, and even submit live questions!

Event Management Software is also improving in such a way that attendees can access maps, social media feeds, and even connect with the speakers digitally. Apps are making it possible to consolidate tasks such as registration, messaging, security, data collection and follow-ups to allow for a simpler and more efficient process. In case of an emergency, organizers can send information to attendees which can eliminate confusion, potential risks, and also provide a feasible way to get a quick headcount!

Being a millennial in the events industry, I’ve truly come to understand how much of an impact technology has had. Despite privacy concerns, I believe wholeheartedly that companies benefit more than ever when they invest their time, money and energy into their meetings. The processes are simpler than ever and the benefits are too numerous to count.

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Photo Credit: New York Times