Kuala Lumpur, The Centre of Attention in 2018!

Great News from Kuala Lumpur! The Centre, our client, enjoyed an amazing year in 2018!

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre had an exceptional year, as it hosted an astonishing 1,485 events in 2018! The Centre experienced a record growth across the majority of its business segments, with association meetings demonstrating the largest increase of 22% compared to the year prior. Corporate meetings and banqueting events followed with a 20% increase, whereas exhibitions had a 12% increase compared to 2017. The Centre has achieved its highest ever economic impact, as last year brought in 2.18 million people, equating to an overall bump of 80% compared to the previous year.

We can’t wait for the unveiling of the Centre’s extension! Learn more by reviewing the official press release here.

Photo: World Cancer Congress hosted at the Centre in October 2018.