Korea Trivia Night!

Earlier this month, we hosted our first Korea Trivia Night. After almost a full year of attending countless webinars and zoom meetings, we were excited to present a different and fun way of engaging and nurturing our client relationships.

Joining us for Trivia Night was The Goyang Convention & Visitor Bureau, The Gangwon Convention & Visitor Bureau, Lotte Hotels and The Korea Tourism Organization.

Learning about a destination doesn’t have to be just another presentation. Our Trivia night proved there can be other creative ways to connect with an audience and captivate their attention in a way like no other.

When attending in-person events, we are all expected to be present and interact with other attendees. As we have come to experience, attending a virtual event is quite the opposite. A virtual event reduces attendee engagement and provides little to no opportunity for the speakers or hosts to connect with and/or gauge their audience’s response to the presentation.

Our Trivia Night gave us an opportunity to interact in small breakout rooms, interacting with the supplier and amongst themselves. The breakout rooms allowed for a more focused and personal conversation.

A big takeaway from preparing for such an event is it demands a bigger effort in coordinating logistics than when planning a live event. There are plenty of variables that may shift the original plan such as different time zones, technology failure and how the attendees will respond.

Overall, it was a great informative night, filled with excitement and great prizes!

Our Trivia Night winners were:

  • Megan Schwartz, International Conference Manager / LIMRA and LOMA
  • Sarah Buchbinder, Meeting Group Broker / Meetings Made Easy
  • Linda Still, Director of Meetings / Soroptimist International of the Americas

Additionally, it is always rewarding to receive feedback from our great attendees.

“Thank you so much!  It was a great event – so nicely planned and executed, with a nice balance between fun and education.”

– Megan Schwartz

“It was a fantastic event and I really did learn so much about the different destinations in Korea.”

– Sarah Buchbinder

“It was a clever event. Thank you.”

– Margaret M. Stafford