Korea is Here for you

Meetings and life as we know it were suddenly interrupted by COVID-19. Small and large businesses were affected, and it seemed, no relief in sight! However, Korea Mice Bureau, under the Korea Tourism Organization took a different approach. In May 26, 2020, the MICE Bureau introduced a new support program to provide assistance to conventions and meetings that were affected by COVID-19.

The support includes:

  • Provision of COVID-19 safety equipment such as masks, hand sanitizers etc. to delegates.
  • Special welcome kit will be provided to all international delegates meeting in Korea.
  • Access to increased subsidies if a new hosting date is confirmed to be held before June 2021 up to $8,162 depending on group size. This increase does not include the original subsidy already provided by the Bureau.
  • For corporate meetings and incentives, the Bureau will be providing an upgraded support regardless of group size if a new date is confirmed before June 230, 2021.
  • Corporate meeting site inspections will also receive extra support.

For more information on how Korea can support your next program, please click here and/or send us an email.

Photo source: Korea Tourism Organization