Introducing Zurich’s The Circle

The City Within A City

Zurich has a few sights and sounds that makes it one of the perfect destinations for your next meeting. Not to mention the FIFA World Football Museum. But, wait there’s more. Switzerland recently announced The Circle, a City Within a City, due to open in 2020. Within walking distance to the Zurich Airport and a 12-minute train ride to the city, The Circle is designed as a lifestyle and business center, with a mission to transform the Zurich’s tourism industry.

For a meeting planner, finding the perfect destination for a new client can be a long and daunting process. The Circle aims to address those needs by offering 190,000 sq. ft. of floor space the CIRCLE incorporates a convention center, hotels, restaurants, high-end retail, a health care facility, education, art places, co-working areas, offices and boasts a distinctive characterful setting: inviting plazas, lanes and a park, creating a perfect place to relax, shop and simply enjoy life.

We look forward to this exciting inclusion and as stated by The Circle’s Commercial Director, Ms. Doris Armellini, “Due to the large capacity, the conference facilities are expected to bring new meetings and conferences to Zurich.” (Source: New Cultural and Business Hub Will Reshape Zurich’s Tourism Image)

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