Healthy Conferences At Messe Wien

When selecting a venue, proximity to hotels and airport, flexibility, and amenities to name a few are some of the top criteria. Not to mention, your delegates will need a coffee break at some point! Providing healthy options may not have made it to your list as of yet but it is worth considering. Have you thought of introducing a healthy feature in your conferences? This can vary from healthy food options to cycling to and from the conference venue.

The Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center has picked this up a notch by becoming the first venue in Austria to be called a “Healthy Venue.” The World Obesity Federation recently presented Messe Wien with this recognition, making it one of 5 in the world! Additionally, Messe Wien’s close proximity to the Wiener Prater Park solidified its ‘Healthy Venue’ status as well as the building’s flexible design that brings in an abundance of natural light.

Alongside their partners, Mr. Binder-Krieglstein, Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions in Austria explains that Messe Wien is moving forward to offering more “healthy catering, and encouraging people to take more exercise at fairs and congresses.” The purpose is to combat unhealthy eating habits in the events industry. According to the World Obesity Federation, these improvements enhances productivity, improves attention span, and concentration.

We congratulate the management at Messe Wien, and raise our glasses of water to celebrate healthy conferences in Vienna!

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Photo source: Messe Wien