Global Events Visionary: Ms. Tricia Simpson Montero, CMP

Global Events Visionary: Tricia Simpson Montero, CMP

Tricia Simpson Montero joined the International Trademark Association more than 21 years ago and has held several positions including Manager, Meetings, Conventions & Events Strategy. She currently serves as the Manager of Education – Programs Logistics. The International Trademark Association “is a global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property (IP) to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation.” As the Manager of Programs Logistics, Tricia has been successful in proposing and executing new initiatives that have spearheaded INTA’s global mission.

In between her hectic international site visits, Tricia was able to share some tidbits with MCIntl…


JN: What are the benefits of being part of your organization?

TSM: Our Annual Meeting is the largest of its type (IP focused) in the world and therefore the benefits of participation includes the opportunity to receive high-level education and training with numerous and some unique opportunities to network. Our team is always looking to try new initiatives at the meeting and there have been a number of times when I have proposed doing something that the city had not done before, but that we have ended up doing with our group.  Some successful and some not, but at least we did something different. 


JN: What legacies are your association creating?

TSM: In terms of legacy, our Annual Meeting’s economic impact this year in Seattle was around US $20M and will continue to grow. I initiated a partnership with Dress for Success Seattle where our staff and registrants provided professional attire for women in need to increase their confidence during interviews and on the job – it was extremely successful.  The people who attend our meetings and events are from all over the world (65% international) and they take great pride in participating as well as enjoying all the city has to offer.  We hope to continue providing the best experience possible to our registrants and to leaving our host cities for the better.


JN: What are some of the lessons learned from being international?

TSM: The right vendor partners plays a huge role in the success of international meetings and you have to be flexible.  This means that you must do your own due diligence well and choose the right partners. Sometimes, the chosen vendor may not be in the destination where you are hosting the event, but it is a matter of trust in their capability to perform.   As an international association, we do our best to ensure we have the right partners supporting us during the planning process which usually results in a well-executed event.  Site visits as a team are more than just visiting venues and having meetings, it is building new and nurturing existing relationships so that that everyone feels invested. Through INTA, I have gained an international network of colleagues and friends, which is one of the “best gifts” working at INTA has given me.

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