Expo 2020: Focus on Sustainability

Set to open October 2020, the World Expo in Dubai is only a few months away! UAE is the first Middle East country to host the Expo since its inception in 1798. Sustainability is always a focal point when planning such an impactful initiative. With four key objectives, a strategy for a lasting sustainable impact has been created. Dubai and the UAE will promote its sustainable developments that will carry the EXPO efforts beyond its 6 months run.

The four key objectives are:

  1. To leave a legacy of sustainable infrastructure
  2. To catalyze sustainability efforts
  3. To increase public awareness and engagement
  4. To develop sustainability answers that are scalable

Along with these key objectives, inspiring 25 million visitors on the importance of sustainability and the environment with plans such as reducing waste and repurposing it into everyday needs, from fertilizer to T-shirts sold at souvenir shops. The Expo has high hopes of increasing awareness and highlighting UAE’s efforts in this regard.

To learn more about the Expo sustainable techniques click here.