Copenhagen: The Thriving Winter Nightlife

The Nordic country of Denmark makes for long summer days and long winter nights. The longer nights allow for more time to uncover the nightlife scene. So let’s explore the bustling nightlife in the capital of Denmark: Copenhagen.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a magical time to venture into the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in central Copenhagen. During November and December, the Gardens feels like a winter wonderland filled with Christmas decorations and beautiful dazzling lights.

Situated within the Gardens is the elegant Nimb Bar, located at the Nimb Hotel. You can waltz into the Nimb’s heritage ballroom and have a one of a kind experience! The ambiance breathes of elegance with flowers, high ceilings, paintings and stunning crystal chandeliers. You can enjoy a drink of vintage champagne in front of the cozy fireplace.

If you’re in the mood for a little jazz, you can make your way down to La Fontaine. It is known as the oldest jazz venue in Copenhagen. Every night you can expect to be amazed with an exceptional jam sessions.

Looking for a relaxing environment? We recommend a visit to Freddy’s Unique Garden Union (FUGU) in a garden surrounded by lemon trees and lavender. True to Wonderful Copenhagen’s Localhood concept, the atmosphere allows for a great place to engage in shared experiences.

For those beer lovers, you can wander into Nørrebro Brewhouse. There are 200 beer selection to choose from including different flavors, styles, and endless options. With such a wide selection, chances are you will discover your new favorite beer paired with the hearty cuisine that Nørrebro Brewhouse has to offer.

The night is young and if you’re in the mood to groove to Copenhagen’s notorious club scene, be prepared for fun night out! A diverse mix of venues and crowds, Copenhagen offers the trendy Chateau Motel; the nightclub has 4 floors with each level highlighting a different genre of music. After a long night out, you may start to build up an appetite. Rio Bravo Restaurant is open until 5 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. They offer large portion of classic Danish dishes in a Western inspired atmosphere.

Long winter nights are not only for “hygge”, you can escape into the night and enjoy the beautiful town. Step out and become acquainted with some of the friendliest smiles, indulge in Nordic cuisine, and move to the beat of Copenhagen.


Photo credit: FUGU