A Swiss Break!

For planners, completing an event and immediately moving towards the next has become second nature. Our industry requires from all of us to always be switched on. We forget to take a moment, disconnect and reset so that we may be able to create new, more innovative ideas.

When we plan our business activities, we must include a break. Not a coffee break or a Netflix binge watching weekend, a real break!

How about a Swiss break!

Imagine being surrounded by snow peaked mountains, breathing that fresh air from the Alps while sitting in front of your own 200 year old Maiensӓss (Alpine wooden house).

Visit Maienblüte to a much simpler time with a wood stove, flowing spring water, heated bath fired by wood and no electricity. A place where unplugging is more of a verb than a metaphor.

Bring the family and enjoy a beautiful hike or bike ride to the unforgettable waterfall of Adelboden. Then relax in the hot tub and bask in the endless views!

We know it’s hard to fully disconnect sometimes– not to worry! In the hamlet Crènn you’ll find a detached house with satellite TV, internet access and electric heating. The perfect home away from home.

We encourage you to take that Swiss break. You will feel on top of your game after a few days. We promise, your clients will be glad you did!

Be inspired by nature’s beauty and visit Switzerland.