A Sales Date With MCIntl

We want to meet you, not annoy you!

We are all in the F2F business, and we love it! Nothing beats an honest conversation in an office, over a cup of coffee or at a restaurant. Don’t you agree?

That is why, from time to time we call you and ask you to meet with one of our international destinations.  Now, contacting you is not random. We have pre-qualified you, and we strongly believe that meeting a top executive from an international convention bureau will be worth your while; an investment of your time.

How do we go about preparing our F2F meetings with you, the decision maker of global events? Here are the steps we follow carefully:

  1. We conduct research

Before reaching out to you, we have thoroughly researched your company, and informed ourselves as much as possible on your organization and programs.

  1. We value your time

We know you have so much happening at once – from events to other meetings. Whether you have only 30 minutes or an hour to spare, we will make your time with us as productive as possible. Our aim is to know your specific requirements prior to our visit and tailor-fit our presentation to make it relevant to your program.

  1. We still want to know more about you!

We schedule an appointment with you not only to tell you all about a destination. We want to utilize our time with you to learn about the latest updates, ask questions, and meet your colleagues. The opportunity to have a conversation versus email allows both parties to exchange feedback and information.

  1. We are great hosts: Coffee? Tea? On me!

As a meeting planner, we understand that you are constantly on the go. We want to meet you where it’s most convenient for you. We try to be as flexible as possible. If that means meeting outside your office, at a local coffee shop or a restaurant, don’t worry – we’ve got you! It’s the least we can do for the time you made to meet with us.

  1. We share our network of global experts

Our clients are true international meeting experts. To use the cliché, they “think globally, and act locally”. They help plan hundreds of global events yearly. You will be able to always rely on them for basic questions on culture or venues, or get the local government involve.  They are your local source.

We know your time is precious. We know it is all about ROI. We are very appreciative when you share valuable information on future meetings; it helps us serve you better.

When next we contact you to set up a meeting, know that we do our due diligence.

Can’t wait to meet you soon!


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