Berlin: A Center of Innovation!

Today, innovation has become a requirement for economic growth. By definition, innovation is the creation and transformation of new knowledge into new products, process, or services the meet the market needs.

Berlin, a trendy creative metropolis, has done exactly that by upping the ante on conferences and event standards!

With such a range of options, planning your next meeting in Berlin will add value to your experience! Incorporate gamification at an interactive forum to keep the the brain active or add robots and holographs into a multi-site conference, guaranteeing high attention levels.

Prefer some privacy? Maintain a “retro-format” at unusual locations such as a large industrial loft or an empty brewery. Ideal for meetings of up to 50 attendees, it stimulates inspiration–sometimes needed at board meetings or strategy session.

What to expect from these meeting formats? Groundbreaking ideas and conversations attributed to disconnecting and taking a break from technology.

Berlin will help you evolve your meetings!

Take a look for yourself.